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Government grants for reservoir construction and water management projects

The Farming Investment Fund, a Rural Payments Agency managed scheme has recently been announced. This comprises of two main sections: The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund and The Farming Transformation Fund. Both of these funds have potential to help farmers with the costs of installing new water management systems, whether that be new variable speed pumps or large reservoir and pipeline construction projects. More information on eligibility can be found here: There are various changes made to the fund from the previous grants that have been available, so do check to see if you are eligible as the criteria have changed. For example, the minimum grant in the previous CPSG scheme was £3,000, reduced to £2,000 for eligible items in the new Farming Equipment and Technology Fund Raingear Irrigation can help with all aspects of this fund. Our expertise ranges from installation, supply and management of reservoirs and pump systems to helping with the necessary quotation documentation to access any grants or funding the projects are eligible for. Contact us today as the applications windows will close for the Equipment and Technology fund on 7th January 2022 and the initial application and eligibility check for the Farming Transformation fund

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Early Bird Discount 2021

Order your Bauer irrigator now to secure an early discount. The very high demand and increasingly long lead times mean you should order as early as possible to avoid any disappointment in the next season.Any orders placed in August & September 2021 will receive the maximum discount.This discount is normally only available in September but has been further extended for 2021! Payment is not required until the equipment is received. We highly recommend that if you are planning on purchasing an irrigator for use in the 2022 season you should get in touch as soon as possible. The early indications from our supplier are that the lead times will be several months, so even orders placed late in 2021 may not be delivered until after the irrigation season has started in 2022. Please ask for a quote as soon as possible and secure your order to avoid disappointment later.

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Early Bird Discount

All Bauer Irrigators and rain guns are eligible for an early order discount. We will help you get the best deal for your equipment, whatever you need. Learn more

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